How to start a blog and earn Money

 Before you start the blog what steps you to required, what things you have required, what platform is best for hosting, etc This type of thing we will discuss in this article so let’s start How to start a blog

 Well, I know you might be asking these questions with yourself because I also have been in the same situations just a few years ago.

I was starting up at some bloggers who replaced their full-time job with blogging income in just two or three years. And I was convinced that they were very lucky to get into this business early and that I was too late to come into this business.

 See how I understand exactly what you are thinking and here I’m to help you how to start a blog in 2021. It’s a kind of business with the highest ROI you can imagine and I do this while working at home while having the time to spend time with my family and friends and not being glued 24/7 with the computer screen all day long.

I laid down the step-by-step plan for you to start a blog. What should you do to get your first 1000 dollars monthly with your blog? I will tell you how to get this plan for free and it will be at the end of the blog post.

Is it still admirable how to start a blog in 2021? are not all the desired niches inundated? am I able to earn more cash with my diary or can I simply pay hours and hours of my job with no yields in my bank account?

Well, I do know you may be asking these queries with yourself about how to write a blog as a result of I even have been within the same things simply a couple of years agone.

How to start a blog in just 11 simple steps.

  • You must start with a Business Plan.
  • You must prefer a very distinct and brainstorming niche.
  • Write down your Blog’s objectives.
  • Choose a blogging platform.
  • Select a Domain Name.
  • Choose a Web Hosting Company and Register Your Domain.
  • Choose your Blog’s Theme.
  • Install Your WordPress Plugins.
  • Start writing quality and authentic content and try to avoid stealing ideas from other bloggers.
  • Update blogs regularly.
  • Make money blogging.

 1.You must start with a Business Plan.

So the first stuff you need to begin with is a business plan. So you have to stop staring at your blog as just this website you are developing. That is going to have some fun dreams upon it. And you know, it enables you to tap into your creative spirit okay.

The first and foremost thing, you are always running a business. So you require to have a business plan which implies you have to initiate writing things down like, who’s your mark audience. That is simply the people you are trying to reach the most, Are they stay-at-home moms? Are they traveling people?  Are they knitters?, Are they bakers?, or, Are they pet sitters? Whatever your marked audience is, you need to bring a very clearly defined sentence to the world that could point them out simply in a crowd right. So you don’t have to confess that I’m targeting stay-at-home moms. You will have to say something along the lines of specials that have five kids under the age of five years or large families or something like that.

Within that business plan, you will also want to have a content plan. That is a list of ideas of the things that you are going to post. And you will also want to bounce around some product ideas so no functioning business out. There is inadequacy in offering products and services and/or services because technically you could do both. So you will be able to monetize your brand outside of making money through the typical routes like ads revenue or affiliate income. That is all good.

And I think that all these things you should have in your business. But it is not the only aspect you should put in your back pocket. You should have to monetize in just your trademark on your own and have supervision over how it will get monetized. That is having control over the products you create, or the services you are offering so you can make money.

  1. You must prefer a very distinct and brainstorming niche.

Now the most important thing you need to do when you are about to start a blog is deciding which topics you will be blogging about. In other words, what will be your specified niche so pick a specified niche for your blog. Most beginners often make a mistake thinking about niches. It’s very easy to start a blog about whatever your experience in life is or about your hobbies and not giving a thought about whether or not this is profitable. But if you plan to make money with your blog, I recommend you read this blog post that covers all the important things you need to know before planning to start a blog in 2021. If you wish to use a particular platform to drive traffic to your blog, for example, if you wish to start with Pinterest, you need to remember that not all the niches do equally well with the Pinterest audience. So, the main group of people you want to reach so once you have that figured out it kind of ties in with your niche. And you can simply specify what your very specific topic should be.

If you need some help trying to decide what kind of niche you can choose,

I would recommend you create a single-topic blog. Most new bloggers make this mistake. If you make a mistake in choosing your blog topic, you will surely not succeed in blogging. Before you start blogging, decide which topic you like the most and you can write well on that topic. Reason, Single niche blogs rank quickly in Google search results and they achieve success soon.

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