How to Multiply Your Blogging Profits

The idea of a conventional, commercial blog is find a lucrative marketing niche and then post large amounts of excellent, original content appropriate to that niche on a very frequent basis. If you are an excellent writer who is an expert in the subject matter of that blog, you might be able to post new content every day.

If you fail to do this, however, your blog will descend in the search engine pages and fail as a money-making business. So, by starting a commercial blog, you have just involved yourself in a full-time occupation as a writer and webmaster. It would seem that a single person, no matter how talented they might be, would run out of new ideas for posts at some point in time and then the blog would fail for lack of new content. At some time, you might want to ponder adding posts from outside sources provided that the content is original. Original content that you did not write on your own is pretty hard to find unless you hire other parties to compose it for you.

You must also monetize your blog, meaning that you must include banner and text ads for products appropriate to your blog niche. The idea there is that you will have already lured highly targeted web traffic to your blog for the very products you are selling.

In order to find this targeted traffic in large enough quantities to sell enough products to make all your hard work worth the effort, you must do the things needed to rank high in the search engines for the best keywords for your blog. Your blog should be optimized for the search engines and you need to put together as many quality backlinks as you can in as many places as possible, all of them pointing back to your blog. This may require submitting lots of articles about the subject of your blog niche to a number of article marketing sites. You must optimize your articles to contain your foremost keyword or keywords in a ratio of one to four percent of the total words in the article. The “self-serving” links you will be allowed at the end of your article will be converted into powerful backlinks for you over time. You might also want to consider paid advertising such as Google Adwords but I would not recommend that because of the high “cost-to-result ratio,” most notably when you are just starting out with no income yet to pay for the advertising.

You can also post positive and pertinent comments to closely-related blogs and forums. After all this additional work is done, you may want to consider adding a squeeze page to your blog, creating an opt-in email marketing list and creating email campaigns with the goal of encouraging visitors to return to your blog and obtain your products.

If all this appears to be a lot of work, it is and I have merely been referring to creating and promoting a single blog related to a single subject and selling only products closely related to that subject. Under the theory that more is better and pretending that you are some sort of talented person with endless time available to you, why not put together another blog on another popular but different subject and double your profits? How about four blogs, thus quadrupling your earnings or 8 or 16 or 32 or even 64 blogs and becoming spectacularly wealthy in the process?

I’m sure, by this time, you can see where all this is leading: How is one person going to be ever able to achieve this? This brings me to the subject matter of auto blogging. Auto blogging software was created to automate the chore of regular blog posting to multiple blogs. When you first hear about it, it appears to be a miracle but it is, as it turns out, far from a perfect solution.

Auto blogging software reaches out onto the net and retrieves articles and videos that can be legally reproduced and which match the keywords related to your niche. You enter these keywords into the auto blogging program during the procedure of setting up each blog. After this is performed, you then have the alternative of letting the program automatically post up to a specified number of articles or videos on an hourly or daily basis.

Then again, you have the choice of simply collecting those prospective posts in a folder where they will await your personal review. You can then choose which articles and videos will actually be posted on the blog and which will be erased. Using this option will improve the quality of your blogs to a considerable degree. It will also require more of your time.

It is very important to prevent the software from posting automatically! If you automate the process, you will suffer from a lot of trash on your blogs, some of which will not even pertain to the individual niches of your blogs. You will be creating a bunch of blogs that no one will wish to read. What’s worse, the search engines will refuse to list your blogs high enough that they will be viewed in the listings. In short, all of your blogs will be doomed fail and you will have wasted all your time and resources.

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